Advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy

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There are many energy sources today that are very limited be in demand. Some of these resources are oil, natural gas and coal. It is a matter of time before they will be exhausted.

Estimates are that only can our energy needs for another fifty to seventy years to meet. So in an effort to alternative forms of energy to find the w? Reld him to renewable energy sources as the solution. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this.

renewable energy sources exist? from solar energy, hydropower, wind, geothermal energy, ocean and biomass. The most common benefit of all is that they are renewable and can not be exhausted. It is a clean energy because they do not pollute the air, and they do not contribute to global warming or greenhouse effect. Since their sources is of course the cost of operations is reduced and they also require less maintenance on their plants. A common drawback of all is that it is difficult for the vast quantities of electricity their counterpart the fossil fuels can produce. Because they are new technology? N, the cost of the initi? Run from them is tall.

Solar power uses energy from the sun. This is advantageous because the systems fit into existing buildings and it has no impact on land use. But because the area of ??the collector size is more than necessary. Sunlight is also controlled by geography. And it is limited to the daguren and non-cloudy days .???????????????????????????????

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Wind energy uses the power of the wind to produce electricity. Although it is the largest manufacturer of work, it depends on strong winds. Wind turbines are large and, although you want to use among them for agriculture, many consider them unattractive look. They are also very noisy to operate. Moreover, they threaten wild vogelpopulatie.

Hydroelectric energy uses water to produce energy. This is the most reliable of all renewable energy sources. On the side down, to be? Influence the ecology and causes downstream problems. The decay of vegetation along the river may lead to the development of methane. Methane is a gas contribute? The greenhouse effect. Dams can also use the natural river flow and affect wildlife. Colder, oxygen poor water can be released into the river, killing fish. The release of water from the dam could lead to flooding.

Geothermal energy uses steam from the soil of the earth to generate power. It uses smaller land areas than other plants. They can turn 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Disadvantages are that it very site specific and, with the heat of the earth, it can also bring toxic chemicals? A to obtaining the steam. Drilling geothermal reservoirs and finding them can be a costly issue.

Biomass electricity is produced by means of energy? from a timber, agricultural and urban waste. It helps save on landfill waste but transportation can be expensive and ecological diversity of the country can be? Influence. Moreover, the process must be traditional.

Ocean energy is a clean and abundant energy form. It has, however high costs. Ocean thermal energy also requires close to a forty degree Fahrenheit difference in temperature of the water year round. Moreover, the construction and l? pipes from damage to the ecosystem.

There are many benefits to using renewable energy sources. There are also some disadvantages. The fact is energy demand will continue to increase. Through research and development and new technology? N, the hope is that many of the disadvantages of renewable energy sources can be had? Limineerd and we can successfully integrate this into our diet .???????? ? More

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