Analysis of the ways all the advantages and disadvantages of buying solar – solar, electric boilers – domestic

analysis of the ways all the advantages and disadvantages of buying solar – solar, electric water heaters – household ????????????????
the face of many

Zonneboilers Brand, often at a loss and a loss in market sales

Many types of solar water heaters, solar collector types according to the points can be divided Vacu in? m tube and a plate, the structural points can be divided into GE? ntegreerd and split, divided by the manufacturing process can be divided into pressure and non-commitment Pressure. At present, the most common type of household most non-pressure Vacu? M-tube solar water heaters. The face of blinding boiler market, consumers often know how they choose to tell you about the focus on the purchase of a solar, the first choice for a good brand and reputation with excellent product. Benefits

Energy Economics

Environmental protection
, safety, comfort, water supply capacity, long life. With additional electric heating function of solar water heaters, solar-based, energy fields, so the use of solar water heaters the whole year.
Ho? price, complexity of installation, compared with
Water Heater

Gas Water Heater
more difficult to maintain. Purchase

1. To see the brand. You choose a specialized manufacturer of products, the best quality brand, so it can be of good quality and excellent after-sales service

System and involvement.
2. To improve the quality of Vacu? Mbuizen see. Vacu Boiler? Mbuis is an important part of Vacu? Mbuizen be under the same conditions, the amount of heat directly affects the level of the water temperature. Choose carefully chosen to show the coating on the glass Vacu? Mbuis, the color is usually black, dark blue or dark gray, the color quality and a good coating uniformity, film no scratching, no peeling off phenomenon of the glass of a stone, place the correct documentation, go.
3. Look at the insulation and liner materials, process. Solar in the tank wall and the liner has a layer of insulation between, on the hot water isolation plays an important role, with polyurethane insulation to make more than 15 years of age.
Liner stored hot water, preferably stainless steel, thickness 0.5 mm. In short, the consumers choose GE? Imported polyurethane, water tank insulation layer thicker.
Because the boiler insulation, and liner all in-house, consumer easy to see, so choose a good reputation in the market, product quality, performance and service products will have better protection.
4. See hot performance. How high r the temperature of the water is not a tank, shows the better thermal performance, while the average daily yield as high as possible to the average heat-co? Ffici? Nt as low as possible. Secondly, boiler pressure test to see if the fit is not the pressure test of the standard boiler comply easily lead to leakage, waste water and can not be both.
5. See Support. Stent must have adequate strength and stiffness.
6. See reflector design. In purchasing products must pay attention to whether the design of reflectors can fully benefit from the Vacu? Mbuis of the absorber, the maximum degree of Vacu? M can be taken light.
7. The main technical problems of how you use the identify
(1) Vacu? M lines in different colors, because the absorbent layer, and the effect is also different;
(2) Reflectors are not used by most companies because the use of a period of time, Reflectors are decorations to excessive dust, no effect, but also of Windhoek, supported with Reflectors;
(3) storage tanks are not the thicker, the better the insulation to get over the critical thickness, then a thick insulating layer of gene usefulness .?????????

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