Nuclear energy and its discontent

nuclear energy and its onbehae ????????????????????????

nuclear energy and its onbehae

of Sunil KEWALRAMANI Chief Investment Officer, Worldwide iNVESTOR Graph First production of electricity through nuclear energy
Experimental breeder reactor EBR-I, 20 Dec.1951, Arco, Idaho, USA On June 26, 1954 at Obninsk, Russia, the nuclear APS-1 power plant with a net electric ability? of 5 MW was connected to the electrical, the w? world’s first nuclear power the power plant generated electricity for COMMERCIAL? le use. On August 27, 1956 the first commercialization? Le core graphs:. Nuclear power stations Nuclear Number of nuclear reactors w?-Wide Nuclear Power Plants, Energy ??????????????????????????????? ? ??????????????????????????]]>??????????

The U.S. nuclear industry self-load of decades of stagnation, with an aging workforce and little entrepreneurial motivation. USEC, a company that has a monopoly on the production of electricity ‘fuel of the future had been himself confronted with a medium voltage. This rate is the proportion fell from 11 dollars two years ago to $ 5 today. It is useful Industri alienated? Le Customer? Clients and large resources spent on the construction of a new complex plants that have not meet its original projections. The U.S. Energy Policy of 2005 provides loan guarantees to 80 percent of the project, the production tax credits of $ 18 per MWe of new nuclear capacity through 2021 and insurance protection to $ 500 million against delays during construction. The surprise is that despite the industry itself into existence? For over 50 years, it still was not able to stand? His own legs.

Nuclear power stations put virtually no carbon dioxide, no sulfur, no mercury. Even when taken into account “full life-cycle emissions” including the mining of uranium, the shipping fuel, constructing plants and managing waste nuclear’s carbon-dioxide release is identical to the full life cycle emissions of wind and hydropower and less than solar. However, a study found that an important contribution to the atmosphere to stabilize carbon dioxide to make, about 21 new 1000-megawatt nuclear reactors to be built each year over the next 50 years, including the need for the existing reactors to replace all expected to retire by <-! next page -> Government-Obama and his main allies, believe that they should re? Is the game to strengthen for the next wave of reactors are built. The focus of their attention is a conference next May in New York, the 40-year-old nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will be reviewed. More than 160 countries will try to broker stringent re? Is the use of civil nuclear power broadening, while the penalty states that have tried their diversification programs? Run in <-! next page -> . Note: Mr Sunil Kewalramani is a Wharton Business School MBA and Chief Investment Officer, Global Investor Money. ?????????

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