President Obama, Democrats, General Electric: Politiek Toeval of Incest?

President Obama, Democrats, and General Electric:? Coincidence or political Incest ????????????????????????

Verskil sharing articles and revelations of the monthly lope off the gebring ‘s remarkable relationship between Obama, who democratically politicians, and General Electric. This can be almal coincidence, but it can also show a classic example of the cozy relationship between the powerful interests that besigheid and ower of that kry to be together.

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Hy call Jeff Immelt, chief executive beampte yet that General Electric and appoints milt voorsitter those formed nuwe Presidenti? le ear Council that if the company and competition, “one group that the task of generating that idea? n vir those skeptical of growth. Shortly thereafter, beginning in Washington that gerugte Immelt General Electric to exit and go ‘n ho? posisie job by the Obama administration to take. Bloedskande or coincidence?


Walter “Bruno” is that Korschek outeur of that book, “Love My Country, My Government Loath -. fifty vir First steps to restore our liberty and destroy the American political class,” which is beskikbaar and aanlyn on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our dialogue daaglikse ear that American liberty is reasonably safe to get together

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