Wat is sonkrag?

sonkrag What? ????????????????

We know that the son is almal baie belangrik, nie net vir us human, but also other vir lewende Essence. Gee us this lie to the Earth and heat to keep us warm during those days to clear. That energy that door son is what we call the sonkrag . Hierdie sonkrag beskikbaar is oral and because of that we tegnologie, the gelling us that there baie more advantage of what we can kry sonkrag. That gee son out of a huge amount of energy and that energy that radiate into what ‘s already Seconds gelyk standing that ability? human use ever since. This is how big should the son of that is.

That ou tye, that son to use heat to generate what we natives use to cook and our selfs in hierdie oomblik daaglikse Lewe use us? son fucking us dry, warm, our liggaam and generalized to generate equipment allowed us to do by the house, running verlig our house. This is where sonenergie bowl thumb Solar energy is now used for door house eienaars hul eie elektrisiteit to wake holsters. This may make Hulle onafhanklik those electricity companies, have to ho sodat Hulle nie? maandelikse electricity bill to pay. Opgaar of sonkrag word gedoen door sonpanele erection of roof or on those who use solar collectors. Hierdie sonpanele versamel power of the son and hierdie sonkrag energy could generate some elektrisiteit jy can use in that house

There’s two tipes sonkrag tegnieke:. Those aktiewe and passiewe. Aktiewe tegnieke close to that of installasie sonpanele, while that passiewe tegnieke close to that spot in my house or buildings after the son, this choice of material ‘n ho? termiese mass or create? Ren ‘n space where it can spread lug.

Solar Energy kry vanwe’re wanted? great benefit that some users may kry this. This is one of those energy sources which is skoon Hernu, safe to use and efficient baie? Nt. You can still store energy in batteries using snags. Ondersoek has been endless fodder for the other application and what benefit we can sonkrag is pointed. In no tyd sal baie oortuig am human and that many of those praktiese benefit sonkrag bidding.


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